Close-up Magic

Larry Warshaw's close-up magic is perfect entertainment for small groups at large gatherings so Larry can help "break the ice" by strolling amongst the crowd and using the laughter and conversation that is a part of his magic to get people involved!



Going table-to-table at a 3M event.


"We contracted Larry Warshaw to bring his magic to the company holiday party. Our gathering was attended by nearly 800 physicians, employees and guests. Larry traveled table to table, room to room, surprising, amazing and amusing our party goers. He has a special gift of magic and shares his style and personality to entertain and convert even the most doubting of observers!"

Joyce Johnston, McFarland Clinic (Ames, Iowa)


A "formal" close-up show is perfect for small groups of 20.

Here, Larry jokes about concocting a special magic beverage for his helpers.